plus size woman get pregnant

Can Plus Size Women get Pregnant?

Yes, plus-size women can get pregnant. 

If you’re on the large side, you might have unspoken fears about your ability to get pregnant and carry your pregnancy to full term.

However, despite your size, you can get pregnant with the right support from your doctor and your partner.

Who is a Plus Size Woman?

The trends and statistics change almost every day and plus size means different things to different people. 

You might get caught up with looking to know where exactly you fit; if you’re a plus-size woman or if you’re plump.

You’ve got a healthy weight if your BMI ranges from 18.5 to <25. 

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you’re a plus-size woman if your body mass index is 30 or higher. 

Plus Size Women and Pregnancy 

It’s a hard reality to cope with but in our world today, slim women own the spotlight while plus-size women are made to feel less human because of their body size

Talk about body shaming.

Social media isn’t innocent as most models are sizes 6 and 8.

Many times you sit behind your phone screen wondering if you ever fit in.

If society will ever consider you, “classy”.

I know it’s difficult enough that you get the weird stare for being plus-size.

Then you get hit with the news that plus-size women might have issues with getting pregnant.

At that point, it’s easy to think that everything is working together—not for your good this time.

This blog post will answer all your questions and allay your fears, and of course not forgetting to light up your face with a smile.

Should Getting Pregnant be Difficult for Plus-Size Women? Why?

Your body produces estrogen to maintain your menstrual cycle and promote breast growth. 

As a plus-size woman, your body produces excess estrogen because of the high percentage of body fat, especially around your belly.

Estrogen is helpful for your body but when your body secretes it in excess amounts, it can interfere with your menstrual flow.

It can also result in irregularities in your reproductive organs and you can have issues with ovulation.

Knowing that ovulation is very important If you’re looking to get pregnant, these issues might make it harder for you to conceive.

This isn’t aimed at causing you to freak out. 

It also isn’t aimed at causing you to go on a weight-loss spree.

It simply means that you need greater care and support if you’re a plus-size woman so that things don’t get complicated during your pregnancy.

You definitely don’t want to put your life and that of your baby at risk, right?

Common Health Risks for Plus Size Pregnancies  

Some health risks are common to plus-size women and these health risks can get worse during pregnancy.

As a plus-size woman, you should keep these health risks in mind during your pregnancy.

Keeping them in mind will help you keep an eye on your health so that you can reach out to your doctor once anything feels wrong.

1. Gestational Diabetes

You don’t develop gestational diabetes because you’re plus size, however, your weight increases your chances of suffering from it during pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes can make your baby bigger than normal thus causing you difficulty with childbirth.

If you don’t handle your blood sugar levels, you could also lose your baby although reports of this happening have been rare.

2. Gestational hypertension

PubMed Central shared a case study on 310 Pregnant women with hypertension and 930 Pregnant women.

They found that plus-size women were 1.79 times more vulnerable to gestational hypertension.

A blood pressure of 140/90 or higher during pregnancy is a sign that you should get help quickly.

Gestational hypertension can result in preterm birth, stillbirth, and placental abruption.

3. Obstructive Sleep Apnea 

This health issue comes with a choking feeling where you have difficulty breathing during sleeping.

Being on the large side increases your risk of suffering from sleep apnea and it can expose you to the risk of longer labor and other Pregnancy complications.

How Do I Navigate Pregnancy as a Plus Size Woman? 

Your fears about pregnancy as a plus-size woman aren’t out of place. 

You might be overwhelmed with the complications of a plus-size pregnancy and that’s understandable.

Well, your fears will only aggravate the situation if you don’t take actionable steps to ensure that your health is assured.

Before walking you through these steps, I need you to understand that being a plus size isn’t a sickness.

It doesn’t make you the odd one either and you can still have an amazing pregnancy as a plus-size woman.

Here are some tips to keep in mind;

1. Maintain a healthy diet 

Pregnancy comes with its cravings.

I understand that.

At that point, it’s easy for you to throw caution to the wind and eat whatever your taste buds call for.

But you should learn to stop in your tracks and make an effort to eat healthily.

Instead of unhealthy snacks, fruits like apples, bananas, grapes, and oranges are good substitutes.

Remember it’s not just for you, it’s also for your baby.

2. Regular appointments with your doctor 

Be sure to keep your doctor informed during your pregnancy.

Now isn’t the time for you to take matters into your hands.

It’s not a time for you to search out DIYs either.

Every step of the way, keep your doctor posted.

And oh! Don’t forget the supplements.

3. Communicate with your partner

You might have to refrain from sexual intercourse or keep it to the barest minimum when you’re pregnant.

At this point, communicating with your partner or having a session with your health counselor will help.

When you communicate, you’ll be armed with the right information and hence you know what to do as regards sexual intimacy.

Your partner and yourself will also find alternative means to find sexual satisfaction asides from penetration.

You’re a Plus Size; You simply Deserve More Care 

Being plus size is a metric.

It doesn’t define who you are in any way.

The fact that the media doesn’t say so doesn’t mean it’s false.

Plus size Pregnancies are challenging.

However, you’re strong enough to pull through the challenge.

The right amount of support from your partner and your doctor will go a long way to ensure your bundle of joy arrives safely.


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